My Handy Husband was created to services everything your home could need.  We provide professional quality at a reasonable price and stand behind our work to 100% satisfaction.


Here we go again neighbors! Another Cold Spring in Lake Arrowhead!  Pipes bursting, leaking foundations and iced up driveways and decks... The bitter colder weather is here and it's time to get it all our ducks in a row. Damage happens to decks, docks and patios siding and interior from ice and water. And we'll, sometimes things need fixing or maybe you just want a change or an upgrade. At My Handy Husband, there is nothing we can't handle.  Leaking pipes or sinks? Fixed.  Lighting or electrical issues? No problem. Want power out to the tool shed? Done. Loose steps on the back porch? Easy.


Power washing, shingling, siding, kitchen and bathroom face lifts, interior and exterior doors and lights, flooring of all kinds...  the endless list goes on.  If it needs to be done, it will be. Let's see that Honey Do list, we will help you knock it out so these winter days can be spent by the fire with cocoa, not stressing on another storm coming with no time for fixing. Call, text, email, or find me on Facebook:

207.318.4779 C/T, email me at myhandyhusbandlac@gmail.com or look me up on face book under David Wright. 



My Handy Husband accepts all major credit cards, checks, cash, and Paypal and Venmo