Plumbing is not just major installs.  It can be sink or shower leaks, drain issues, flushing problems, and septic breakdown. My Handy Husband fixes them all.  We do all the plumbing that a new or well-established home needs.  Most of the houses in our community are 35+ years old and were built as summer homes and the upgrades were not ideal.  Copper lasts for a long time, but the fixtures sadly don't.  Shower valves will leak, hose bibs will break or freeze, shut off valves will drip.  My Handy Husband will tune up any plumbing issues you're having.  We use top quality parts and stand behind our work.  


Just a short list of plumbing solutions we offer: 

  • Faucet repair and installation
  • Shower fixture repair and installation
  • Hot water tank repair and installation
  • Water hammer arrest (stops rattling pipes when you shut things off)
  • Washing machine valves
  • Rinse basins for laundry rooms and garages
  • Man cave plumbing (that includes beer lines!)
  • Toilet changes
  • New vanity installs
  • PVC Drains
  • Basement shower and toilet upflush systems
  • (And I fix what the hubby already fixed, no questions asked.)



You can call me for all of your HVAC and oil bfurnace issues as well.  I am partnered with licensed technicians that can offer a full line of services.